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When your campaigns are managed by Google-certified experts from the Ad Symphony team, it only takes one click for customers to find you.
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Quick and visible results

Through effective Google advertising, we achieve set goals within the shortest period possible.

Control over spending

We achieve the maximum through budget optimization and a clear insight into statistics.

Brand Awareness

We successfully take your brand to the top, make it recognizable in the eyes of customers and easily accessible.

Remarketing campaigns

We connect you with customers and get them to visit your website again and again.

The right choice for your business

The goal of every business is to get the most out of its investment in online marketing. The first step towards this is for Internet users to quickly and easily find the products and services you have to offer. If you believe in the quality of your work and have a good offer that customers need to see, then there is no reason not to run Google advertising.

The top of the first page of Google, the expansion of brand awareness, business development and sales, are guaranteed when you hire certified Ad Symphony experts, for whom Google ads is daily business and successful campaigns are the only option.

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Official Google Partners

Thanks to our professional team and numerous years of experience, as official Google partners, we can say with certainty that you will notice the results of our Google campaigns immediately and, based on them, make a new decision to improve your business.

Achieve your goal

Find yourself at the top of Google search and always be available to your customers and clients. Choose to work with a team that will achieve and exceed your sales goals.

Modern design

We design your web presentation in accordance with the requirements and according to the latest world standards and trends in web design.

Reliable support

Leave the maintenance of your website to us, and fully dedicate yourself to the development and growth of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

We bring your site to the first page of search engines in a safe and fast way, and keep it in that position despite changes and competition.

Frequently asked questions

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Why should I pay for Google ads when SEO is free?

When one understands the difference between Google advertising and site optimization, one realizes that relying on SEO alone is unrealistic for long-term business success. Compared to Google Ads, SEO is more difficult to control and track. You can create tons of quality content and follow all the rules, but it is still not guaranteed to land on the first page of Google. Despite the best possible optimization, the first positions on Google search are reserved for those who pay for advertising, and only then for organically positioned sites.

Can anyone do Google advertising?

Google ads can be created and published by anyone who knows how to work in the Google Ads platform, but the chances of achieving successful and profitable results are minimal. That is why it’s best to leave this work to Google-certified experts, who know how to create successful ads from the start.

Where do Google ads appear?

The creation of Google ads is defined depending on the goals of a campaign. Based on all parameters, Google experts will explain where your ad will achieve the best results, and some of the options are: Google search results, Google partner sites, Gmail ads, YouTube ads.

What is click-spam protection?

With the help of our click-spam protection, we detect all clicks that are not “genuine” but come from your competition. Once we locate such activities, we block the IP addresses associated with those clicks, thus saving your budget, and achieving maximum results.

How do we start our cooperation?

Cooperation with us involves 3 steps to a successful campaign:

  • detailed analysis of the market and your goals;
  • creating a unique message and visuals for a campaign;
  • and as the final step in the process, campaign presentation.

Do you do daily campaigns?

Our shortest campaigns last one month.  Of course, the campaign can be stopped at your request, at any time, but you will be charged for the started month.


If the campaign is stopped during a month, in agreement with the client, the remaining budget will be transferred to the following month, or returned to the account from which the payment was made, while the monthly service costs are fixed and as such non-refundable.

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