1. General

Ad Symphony agency, whose website is licensed by adsymphony.rs, respects the privacy of every user who visits this and/or any other website licensed by it. In order to be better informed about the type of data that is collected during the use of the adsymphony.rs website, as well as the manner in which that data is used, be sure to read the manner in which we collect, process, and use personal data, as well as the use of “cookies”. We treat all data collected, processed, and used, in accordance with statutory regulations on data protection in effect for the country within which the relevant department for data processing is located. We take all necessary measures to ensure full compliance with those laws. This privacy statement does not apply to websites that can be accessed from external links and that are located on the adsymphony.rs website.

2. Collection, processing, and use of personal data

The security of personal data of all visitors to the adsymphony.rs website, which you submit via one of the forms or by directly contacting adsymphony.rs, will be used only for the purpose of providing services, education and information about new content located on the adsymphony.rs website. Only adsymphony.rs portal and Ad Symphony agency, whose website is under the adsymphony.rs license, will have access to data which will not be shared or misused. If at any time the visitor choses to unsubscribe from the mailing list, see what data has been saved in the database and/or requests that his data be completely deleted from the database, the user can do so by contacting support for the adsymphony.rs website.

3. Use of cookies

During your visit, the adsymphony.rs website uses “cookies” in order to improve the website. A “cookie” is a piece of data that is temporarily recorded in your browser, which remembers certain data that the server can later access and use to adjust the display of content or advertisements, based on your experience and use of the adsymphony.rs website. Some of the reasons that adsymphony.rs uses cookies are:

  • Identification of the user’s IP address,
  • Estimating the number of visits,
  • Site browsing tracking,
  • Web traffic measurement.



This website is published by and licensed to Ad Symphony. All site content is the property of the adsymphony.rs website. Downloading it without explicitly indicating the source of the information, commercial or other use, is prohibited.

The content can be downloaded, but only with a clear and visible naming of the source of the information in the form of the link: https://adsymphony.rs/en/privacy-policy/