The largest business social network

LinkedIn is the most popular social network intended for business users and is the most effective platform for B2B communication and creating business contacts.
Use the full potential and opportunities provided by LinkedIn advertising and find companies and collaborators that will positively influence the development of your business and the expansion of brand awareness.

Business to Business

If you plan to develop B2B networking and present your brand and business on LinkedIn, you will be on the right track, right from the start, by doing it with the support and help of our expert Social Media Marketing team.
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A good business decision

Incorporating LinkedIn into your business marketing strategy is one of the wisest decisions you could make.

Statistics show that active LinkedIn users have an important role in making company decisions, as well as greater purchasing power, compared to other social network users. The LinkedIn structure itself gives you the opportunity to get in direct contact with employees, managers, or directors.

As this kind of specific targeting is not offered by any other social networks, this is the advantage of LinkedIn advertising.

Why LinkedIn advertising

The possibility of very precise targeting

On LinkedIn, you can find business associates based on expertise, industry, company, position, interest in specialized topics, and other criteria.

LinkedIn opens doors to the business world

A great advantage that LinkedIn offers, and should be utilized, is networking with influential and key people from the business world, which ultimately leads to successful collaborations.

Effective presentation of business ideas

LinkedIn is a social network that presents business topics and will allow you to, very quickly, get in touch with potential collaborators and explain in greater detail your proposal for cooperation.

Campaigns quickly lead to conversions

LinkedIn users are business people who make key decisions for business development. With the creation of quality campaigns and correct targeting, you will be able to achieve business contacts, quickly, and attain set goals.

New business opportunities

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Frequently asked questions

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How much does LinkedIn advertising cost?

Advertising on LinkedIn is considered a more expensive form of advertising compared to other social networks. However, given that the targeting here is extremely precise and conversions successful, when it comes down to it LinkedIn advertising is the most profitable. Spending can be limited by making a decision on the budget and the payment method.

What kind of content should be created for LinkedIn?

As with all social networks – quality content, with a clear message and unambiguous meaning. LinkedIn itself has given certain guidelines for creating content that should be diverse. Therefore, in addition to links and photos, it is preferable to publish videos, pdf documents, photo collages or interesting facts about your company.

Is it enough to just have a LinkedIn profile or do I need a LinkedIn business page?

A LinkedIn profile is personal and it contains your name, surname, personal information, and work experience. A LinkedIn page represents your business or brand. You create it from your LinkedIn profile, and administer and manage it similar to a Facebook page. There are also LinkedIn groups that bring together people with similar interests and are great for expanding connections.

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