Digital (online) media

Renting media space on online media provides you with a significant opportunity to increase the recognition of your brand and inform your target group about your products and services. Your advertisement will achieve successful results when it is displayed on relevant website and in a right manner, the way your brand deserves.

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Print media

The Ad Symphony team provides print media buying services to its clients through planning, communication acquisition and regular campaign status reporting. The planning process itself includes a detailed analysis of the market, the target group, adequate media, and the creation of a proposal for a Media Buying strategy.

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Ad Symphony agency will provide you with professional support and assistance in creating and developing a successful Media Buying campaign, regardless of whether it is digital or print media. Contact us and let us take care of the growth of your business.

Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost to rent media space?

Sometimes renting media space is a more expensive option than Google advertising or Facebook advertising, but it is a necessary element in forming a consumer’s image of a brand. That is why digital and print formats are used to rent media space with high viewership, and the price depends on many factors.

How do you define media channels for advertising?

Media planning begins with information about a product or brand, the market for which a product is intended (target group, current position of a brand) as well as relevant media for advertising. We pay special attention to the choice of media, the advertising period, and the costs of the media campaign, i.e., the budget set for a media plan.

Do you send reports on the results of Media Buying campaigns?

We regularly analyze the behavior of a target group and provide you with a report on the results, on the basis of which we create a plan for the development and improvement of a campaign.

How do we start our cooperation?

Cooperation with us involves three important steps:

  • A detailed analysis of the market and your needs are the starting point when creating a campaign. What will make your product unique is that our indoor analysis provides entirely accurate parameters.
  • Our ultimate task is creating a unique message and look aimed at potential new clients. Our goal is that once you have launched your brand, it is recognizable in the eyes of others.
  • The presentation of a campaign, as the final step in this process, where before the launch itself we want to make sure that you recognize yourself in that new branding, so that the once started campaign will unequivocally become an unforgettable experience.

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