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Your customers do not go anywhere, anymore, without their phones, and Viber messages are the fastest notifications that they get to read instantly. Direct marketing is the most effective promotional method that allows you to quickly, and easily, convey specific and clear information to a target group.

If you need Viber advertising, contact us, and find out everything you want to know about advertising on Viber, our cooperation terms, as well as the successes our previous clients have achieved through direct marketing.

Official Viber Partners

Ad Symphony agency is a direct Viber Partner and offers you all advertising options through this application. Make an appointment with our team so that we can create and set up a unique strategy for Viber advertising, which will bring your company positive results within a short period of time.

Why Viber advertising

Viber is an application used by billions of people around the world. It is practical for personal communication, and Viber advertising provides businesses with the opportunity to successfully present themselves and connect with customers or service users.
Two-way communication

This means that the user can ask you a question and request additional information, thus improving the quality of interaction and provide more benefit to your community.

Accurate statistics

Accurate Viber statistics provide insight into the details of who receives messages, who reads them and whether there are any negative reactions.

CPM model

Precise targeting and placement of advertisements in different positions within the application itself, such as Post-Call, Call Tab, Main chat screen, etc.

Creative possibilities

The ability to implement text, photos, links, and video content is a special advantage of Viber. It allows you to be as creative as you want.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Viber marketing work?

Each ad is designated as sponsored. Users can interact with the content in an app or ignore it. There are numerous advertising options on Viber such as: Ads, Communities, Promotional Stickers, Business Messages, E-commerce, Viber without sellers, etc. The CPM advertising model on Viber guarantees the number of impressions and enables precise targeting according to age, gender, location, device, and even connection type.

What can I send via Viber ads?

First of all, you can send text messages with up to 1000 characters. Then photos, links or video content that will provide a complete picture of the ad content.

Do I need a list of Viber contacts?

Yes, the contact database provided by the client is used for Viber advertising.

Can I communicate with the recipients of Viber ads?

Of course! There is a two-way communication option with users that gives you the opportunity to send specific information and answer any questions they may have.

How much does Viber advertising cost?

The price of a Viber ad depends on a number of factors and can be predicted based on the goal and conversions. Viber does not charge for all messages sent, only those delivered.

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