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Work on a website does not end with its creation and activation. On the contrary - that is precisely when serious and continuous work starts. A website or shop requires improvement, protection, updating and occasional technical changes. Regular website maintenance is crucial to any business.

The correct functioning of a website, whether it is a presentation site or an online shop, is a reflection of the stability of a business and a company. If you need a responsible and reliable website maintenance team, look no further. Ad Symphony agency successfully takes care of the proper and stable functioning of webstores and websites.

Website maintenance services

Website maintenance

Site maintenance is the process of regularly checking its correctness, speed, security, and proper functioning. In accordance with the requirements of your website and business, we create a maintenance service package and define the dynamics for its implementation.

Maintaining a webstore (online shop)

Regular updating of programs, products, functionality, and improvement of technical capabilities are crucial factors for successful online sales. That is why we provide you with quality and reliable web shop maintenance services, regardless of whether we build it or you just maintain it.

  • Checking the security and technical functionality of a website;
  • Improving the online sales system;
  • Updating and creating content;
  • Activities that improve SEO optimization and influence a growth in visits;
  • Web hosting services;
  • Regular website backup;
  • Redesigning services;
  • Changes and functionality testing;
  • Monitoring and analysis of conversions;
  • Verifying links;

Frequently asked questions

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How much does website maintenance cost?

The cost of website maintenance depends on many factors. First of all, an assessment of the existing website is performed followed by defining a maintenance services package. Our advice is always to choose a continuous investment in maintenance, to ensure that the site is functioning properly. Over the long run, this will save time and money and allow you to avoid stressful situations.

How long does website maintenance take?

Maintaining a website implies constant monitoring and the updating of its functionalities. It is best to opt for the option of permanent maintenance, that is, to hire a team that will continuously monitor and take care of a website’s stability.

Do you only maintain websites that you have created?

In addition to taking care of the websites we have created for clients, we are ready to take responsibility for the maintenance of other websites, regardless of whether or not we were in charge of their creation.

What does a web hosting service mean?

The Ad Symphony web hosting service means that you have everything in one place. When you need to make any changes, access files or servers, there is no time wasted in communicating with a third party. With our hosting services, you get super-fast SSD servers of the latest generation, which positively affect site speed and user experience.

Do you provide one-off services?

Of course. In addition to long-term cooperation with clients, we are able to provide immediate changes and technical checks of websites.

Regular changes and development of a website

Some activities on a website require periodic updating, and there are also those that imply continuous and daily work. Schedule a meeting with our expert team so that we can create a plan for the maintenance, development, and flawless functioning of your website.

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